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IGS's customers operate in some very real-world environments. Therefore, IGS captures remote sensing data in environments where others either don't want to or can't operate successfully.  IGS adds real meaning to the term "ground-mobile" LIDAR/Imagery data collection.  We have over 22 years experience in successfully planning for and executing remote data collection operations using IGS deployment assets as well as specialized equipment contracts for extreme conditions.

We match the right technology with the application.

Terrestrial Deployment Methods

Underwater (sidescan sonar) pipeline model used to detect, locate, and map a pipeline leak.

Pipeline waterway crossing map/model constructed from sidescan sonar data.  The sonar data (underwater) can be fused with LIDAR data (above-ground) to produce a more complete digital terrain model and map.

Ground-mobile LIDAR/Imagery data capture along a newly constructed pipeline.

IGS has access to water-craft in  support side-scan sonar data capture operations for mapping pipeline water crossings or detecting and locating underwater leaks via EMC Surveying.