• Point/click/save then send geo-referenced pictures to project staff, sub-contractors and other stakeholders.

• Analyze features outside the immediate roadway. Ever needed to look up on a road project? You can with our imagery tools. 

• Document road conditions prior to starting your reconstruction project. 

• Is the shoulder in good shape? Can't look around in a still photo.

• Are the guardrails ok? What's down or up stream of the bridge that could impact it?

• Need to look back at something? Just use your mouse. 

Decisions on building, expanding or altering roads often have direct impacts on adjoining property. That may be structures or changes to more environmental or utility issues. Through immersive video you can bring the route to your office or conference room where your entire project team can discuss the best solutions.

Distribute the imagery through our cloud hosting options or we'll help you host it so everyone knows exactly what it looks like before the project starts, while it's in construction and after completion. You can't get all the key people in a rental car and your team would only see it once. Let IGS provide you the opportunity to go to the project as often as you need.  

• Roadside asset management

• Visual impact study support

• Traffic activity analysis

• Landscaping design and evaluation

IGS has taken the Street View concept to full motion video for the road mapping industry and progressive consulting and design firms are quickly finding ways to incorporate our digital 360° imagery into their daily workflows. The ability for clients to look 360° as they move down the road, export geo referenced photos, measure, tag and link to other project data means that you'll have a full visual library of your project that corresponds exactly to your other project data. 

No more jumping back and forth between programs to access written data and catalogs of standard single lens photos. This capability makes for more informed, quicker decisions, less trips to the field and that saves you money.

Road Mapping

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We’ve taken Google Street View to a whole new level!

​For larger projects that might involve off-corridor issues, many of our clients will do an over flight of their route and combine that with ground based video so they can navigate along an aerial section, click on the icon for the ground based clip and look around from a vehicle, back up in the air and on to the next issue. IGS will help your project team to truly to understand a location or issue.

           When your team can see everything, they'll make the best decision for you.