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Hold for Jim

Rivers may be large or small (deep or shallow); and they may flow through wilderness, bridges, ports, bays, and tidal basins.  When it comes to water, we are equipped to deal with it all - from environmental licensing issues to facilities engineering to identifying and locating underwater pipeline leaks.

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Buell's First Law of Hydrology

the water always wins.

Take your mouse and look around to better understand the right of way and other land access issues along shorelines.

• There’s no better way to manage a shoreline spill than incorporating immersive geo referenced video. You'll see everything. 


Link your 360° viewer controlled imagery to fish, vegetation, hydrology or other environmental data in our geo immersive software, ESRI, Adobe Flex or your custom GIS based software to help you with understanding of everything taking place out on location.

• Catalog shoreline profiles and conditions.

• Review encroachments and document seasonal changes.

• Look around and back as you pass by features

• Is it a navigable waterway or not? Let's take an immersive trip and see for ourselves.



While we all want to get out on the job site on occasion, not all of your project team belongs on the river. We can give you the next best thing through our vessel and aerial based tools. IGS teams spend a lot of time on the water both at work and play. We've mapped rivers and other drainage systems for over a decade and around the world. We'll spare you the bugs and wet gear.

In order to truly understand water and it's impact on your project, you might need to visualize it in real time and motion. Being able to look around at features in an estuary or bayou, moving along heavily vegetated or gravel shorelines, slow moving creek entrances and being able to look back at them as you pass by is a key tool in understanding the dynamics that influence our water environment.