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​Geometrically and geographically correct models of railroad facilities can be an important aspect of railroad management. Using LIDAR intensity images, 3D point clouds, and/or continuous overlapping aerial oblique photography can yield valuable engineering information for railroad operations. 

​​At IGS, we record 100% of the sphere and let you look around as if you're on the train,high rail vehicle or helicopter

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With the growing pressure on rail systems to move more freight, petroleum and other goods, often through heavily populated areas, it's even more important to have a complete understanding of the track environment - such as "mud-pumping" situations and/or water crossings.

We can provide tools that allow you to tag every switch, culvert, sensor, or other feature so you can immediately go to the exact location and look around. We also provide measurement tools so you can analyze vegetation, length of impacted track and other essential information.  

 In an emergency, responders can quickly call up the exact location and look around to establish an initial understanding of the site. That means they make well informed decisions about equipment, access and tactics. Isn't that what responding safely is all about?

• Review general track and rail bed conditions (mud pumping).

• Better manage vegetation control programs as you can       see everything from the office or conference room screen.

• Review areas off the Right Of Way for compliance with boundary requirements.

• Analyze flood and other weather impacts.

• Monitor the movement of terminal activities 

At IGS, we understand corridor mapping as it's our core business. We're also big train fans and are aware of the growing pressure on rail systems around environmental, urban and emergency response issues.

Rail corridors have two critical areas to manage. The immediate area around the track and those lands, buildings, and other features that adjoin and impact the right-of-way.