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 Use 360° video to plan road and other access routes.
• Map facilities and grounds for emergency response and construction support
• Document site closures in 360°

• Point/click/save/send. We captured it all so just use what you need.

• Link your spherical photo and video imagery to your environmental data in ESRI or many other GIS software.

• Utilize a wide variety of map tools for measuring, adding layers, labeling and more.

Give us a call and we'll be glad to set up an online demo to show you more of how Immersive Video can help your project be successful.



Safety training

Bring new workers up to speed quickly by taking them to the mine, the various facilities and even to the equipment they’ll be operating

before they actually reach the job site.  

IGS has a long history of documenting mining activities from proposed developments through exploration and to production so we have a keen understanding of your needs and how our imagery tools can help manage operations .

Investor Relations.

Let IGS bring your project to the conference room or web through our immersive video. Use the ability to look around to educate investors and other stakeholders on where proposed activities or facilities will be developed. Assure them by taking them out there in spherical video, that you understand the surrounding area and job ahead.


Reduce your costs

At IGS, we focus on value. We know that it would be nice to take more of your project team out to the development area, roads or other infrastructure but that’s not always realistic as it's expensive and time consuming. Through the use of viewer controlled, 360° video from IGS, you can. This means fewer trips, more time and money saved.


Permitting and compliance support.

When our clients use 360° geo referenced video in support of their permitting and compliance processes, they ensure that all the regulatory stakeholders working around these critical functions are working from a common understanding as they can look around as if they're actually onsite.