IGS excels at producing map and modeling imagery.  Our management team, staff, and partners have years of experience in the remote sensing industry and we thrive on addressing practical solutions to a diverse set of industries.  We enjoy solving problems.

LIDAR point cloud models are used in a variety of industries - particularly when fused with color from associated aerial ortho-photography.

These 3D point cloud models are correct in both geomertric and geographical aspects and are useful in corridor and area applications.

LIDAR models can be augmented by analytical results as well as our FODAR data to produce an augmented reality product.

Our LIDAR intensity maps can be used in place of aerial ortho-photography - particularly since intensity maps can be produced quickly and easily in our overall production cycle.

IGS provides clients a variety of augmented reality products using a fused combination of aerial photography, LIDAR, FODAR, and analytical results.

The collection of aerial photography (ortho-photography) almost always accompanies our clients LIDAR data products.

IGS has practical experience locating "lost" underground or underwater pipelines (with or without associated leaks). We locate the problem and we can support the documentation of you repairing it. 

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Mapping, Modeling, and Inspections

IGS performs aerial inspections using high-resolution cameras deployed from a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft  from quadcopter to fixed-wing drones.

This contour map with its associated digital terrain model is a good example of production work performed for the land development industry. 

We often provide this type of map as an overlay onto digital aerial photography (ortho-photography).

The use of FODAR is expanding to a wide variety of industries.  We know because we helped develop it. Three dimensional rendered point cloud scenes enhance communications and analysis products in applications such as security, strategic planning, public relations, marketing, and economic development.  

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