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LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

Our combining aerial LIDAR 3D point cloud data and digital aerial photography allows the construction of 3D color rendered scenes that can support many types of applications from public relations to auto plant parking lot striping to facility layout and environmental analysis. 

The resulting model is both geometrically and geographically correct.

IGS post processes LIDAR 3D point cloud data using a variety of automated and semi-automated methods to identify, locate, classify, visualize, attribute, model, and map natural/man-made objects as needed to support a variety of engineering, construction, maintenance, environmental, decision-making, and public relations processes as well as other applications.

Materials management (e.g., volumetric analysis) as well as facilities engineering and maintenance applications are supported by aerial LIDAR/imagery models. 

IGS is active in the volume analysis of large scale earth movement projects using our drones and LIDAR tools. 

Visualizations of realistic rendered scenes (augmented reality) are constructed using aerial LIDAR and digital imagery data. 

Such scenes support safety and security operations as well as architectural, engineering, marketing, landscape, and traffic flow analysis.

IGS collects LIDAR 3D point cloud data through a variety of mechanized means.  Depending on the nature of the target area or corridor to be collected, rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft may be used to capture 3D point cloud data and associated aerial photography.  However we're often asked to capture the point cloud data using ground mobile vehicles such as trucks, trains, tracked vehicles, or ATVs and snow machines.

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