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Aerial photography-based collection, classification, and mapping of electric power generation, transmission and distribution facilities is an essential capability of the facilities management function in the electric utility industry - similarly for the pipeline and mining industries.

In the slideshow to the right, notice a transmission structure with a red box surrounding it.  This structure type was identified in the oblique photo using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, e.g., identify the structure by type and isolate the geo-referenced photograph(s) containing that particular type of structure - counting them in the process.  AI technology can be applied to several different operational areas of a wide variety of industries. your paragraph here.

• Inspect existing infrastructure

• Better manage facility assets

• Assist with construction planning

• Monitor plant traffic patterns 

•​ Lower costs by reducing site visits

Many of our clients have more than one location or project site to manage. With immersive video they can access accurate and detailed visual information for each through a variety of platform and web based software options. Simply click on a location, then a route and your standing there with the ability to look around. 

• Link to PM, training, 

• Support responders by giving them the ability to see the inside of your building before they enter it.

• Document construction work 

• Reduce training and maintenance costs by showing them just where they need to go and what they'll need to do the job.

Share your entire facility through full motion immersive video . Let them look around like they’re walking along the sidewalk or through the hallways. 

• Link to Google or your customized map.

• Imbed data or narration in the imagery. 

Building or managing a facility is a huge responsibility whether it be a shopping mall, a refinery, a business park or a power plant.  You need a detailed set of information about every location and be able to easily access and share it. That might be for your maintenance staff or sales team, or it might be for an entry team in case of an emergency.  

Wouldn't it be nice to  pull up a spherical video and look around as if you were there, click on an icon to give you more detailed information about the room, valve or panel, tag a feature and link it to your other databases? 

At Immersive Geomatics Solutions, we map oil and gas facilities, power plants, mine buildings, campuses and other facilities around the world. We have several staff with backgrounds in facility management and emergency response so we understand the value of being able to quickly show people exactly where they're going and what they'll see.