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• Supports first responders by providing them essential site information.

• Dispatchers are able to view the video for useful information prior to sending out crews.

• Establishes a record of vegatation and ROW changes over time. 

• Point/click/save and send photos to field teams.

• Facilitates better discussions between utility  companies, regulators and the community.

Need to call up a residence, a meter or pole and quickly understand what the surrounding area looked like because it all just got destroyed? We can do that for you using tools from 360 video imagery to LIDAR and Orthro photography then tie you to Google Maps or off the shelf programs. 

• Tag and link information to every pole, meter, transformer or station.

• Point, click, save photos and GPS data. Send to the field team

• Link the video to your asset management software

  Electric Utilities aerial and ground mobile remote sensing supporting asset management and damage assessment

Electric utility managers know all to well that often the easiest thing to take care of is their own assets. You have an extensive array of map and technical information about your system, each station, pole and meter. You have well trained crews and response plans for emergencies. It’s the other influences such as overhead vegetation, private property landscaping, access changes, other utilities and features that often impact your ability to maintain the system.

Whether the generation plant's coal pile volume needs to be determined; new transmission or distribution facilities need to be routed through a refinery, or storm damage needs to be assessed, IGS can assemble the resources and expertise to get the job done.

With such a wide range of facilities to manage and maintain electric utilities need access to 3D engineering (as-built) models for retrofit, maintenance, and re-design efforts - that's where LIDAR and FODAR expertise comes into play.

Detailed inspections play and important role in everyday operations and maintenance - whether its from the air or on the ground.

IGS also maps electrical plants, substations and other facilities for many of our clients. This involves the same sperical or ortho imagery tools and can be tied to a grounds map or facility floor plan. We can provide links in the imagery so that as you point to a gauge, switch, pole, ground box or other asset, you are provided a full set of information to support your employees from maintenance to training and emergency response personnel. aerial and ground mobile remote sensing supporting asset management and damage assessment