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Electric Power Transmission

IGS provides aerial LIDAR and digital imaging data products using a network of geographically diverse (distributed) aerial data suppliers throughout North America.  LIDAR and digital imagery data, such as that illustrated, exhibits the accuracy, uniformity, and density required to support engineering applications within a wide range of industries.

Continuous (time interval capture), overlapping, geo-referenced, oblique frame imagery complements the use of LIDAR/FODAR data for electric power transmission (corridor mapping) applications.

Aerial and/or ground-stationary LIDAR data provide the basis for substation 3D modeling.

IGS management, staff, and associated technical partners pioneered the use of aerial LIDAR and digital aerial photography to support the electric power transmission owners during the 1980s; and they have continued to provide increasingly sophisticated 3D engineering modeling and analysis products for more than 20 years.

Continuous, overlapping, geo-referenced, oblique frame images are used with artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and count unique types of structures or other objects to locate them along corridors - electric power transmission, pipeline, highways, railroads, waterways, etc.  Refer to the image on the right in which a steel lattice structure has been identified (red box), counted, and located.

LIDAR/FODAR data collection and processing capabilities are leveraged to support electric power transmission vegetation clearance assessment applications.  Refer to Amazon ebooks:  Assigning Risk Factors to Hazard Trees.

Relying on 20+ years of experience constructing electric power transmission 3D PLS-CADD engineering models, IGS is familiar with the individual/unique standards and specifications of many electric utilities throughout North America; and this experience offers an unparalleled capacity to understand and appreciate each client's special needs and priorities.  In compliance with NERC's security recommendations, all analysis/modeling is performed within the US by experienced American operators.  You can speak with them.