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IGS utilizes a wide variety of fixed and rotary winged aircraft in our airborne data capture operations .

In most cases, we will ship the sensors (LIDAR and/or cameras) needed to perform the work to a staging area, mount the sensors on a locally sourced aircraft, and perform the work.  This approach has provided the most economical approach in the past.

In some cases, helicopters with a dedicated payload of specialized remote sensing equipment is necessary to get the job done right the first time.

The image below shows the Silent Falcon fixed-wing long-endurance drone aircraft on its launch platform.  This particular UAV is capable and licensed for flying beyond the line of sight.

Airborne Operations

IGS also uses unmanned aircraft.  Both fixed-wing drones (the long endurance Silent Falcon) and smaller quadcopters are used depending on the requirements of the project.

We utilize licensed professional drone operators experienced in the types of aerial platform needed and work being performed.  The image to the right shows the "Silent Falcon" fixed-wing, solar-powered, long-endurance UAV aircraft that we utilize.

IGS is the aviation pioneer directly associated with the invention (patent pending) of curved flight lines (non-traditional [non-linear/non-parallel]) for the capture of aerial digital images necessary and sufficient for processing using commercial Structure-from-Motion (SfM) software while mitigating the SfM systematic doming (elevation) error. 

The image to the right shows the curved flight lines to be used for capturing images over a large area (2 square miles) using either piloted or unmanned aircraft.  Curved flight lines can be used for capturing digital images over long narrow corridors as well.

It is noteworthy that IGS associates pioneered the development and use of UAV craft many years ago (ahead of its time) to capture both LIDAR and digital aerial photography data.  Refer to the image to the right. 

Note:  IGS operations satisfy all Federal (FAA), state, local, and owner/operator/customer regulations.  IGS is flexible and adaptable when it comes to operations.

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