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The following two rendered 3D FODAR point cloud models have been enhanced with a defined "fly-thru" path in order to view these two models (a rural/highway scene and an urban/city scene) in a video viewing mode.  These two 3D scenes are both geometrically and geographically correct as well.  When the video clip finishes playing, click the browser "back" arrow to return to the beginning.

2D / 3D Modeling & Mapping Capabilities

Two-dimensional modeling refers to basic contour maps with or without an ortho-photography background.  However, even the two-dimensional model/map product is derived from a three-dimensional LIDAR or FODAR point cloud data set (digital terrain model/DTM).

The first image to the right shows a deliverable project over view contour map product; while the second image shows a zoomed-in view of the same scaled geo-referenced map.  The third image shows a typical ortho-photography map without contour lines.

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The following two images depict LIDAR 3D point cloud models that are being used for the construction of an electric power transmission and substation (PLS-CADD) 3D engineering model.  Color, digital aerial ortho-photographs would also become integral parts of our product delivery.  These models are geometrically and geographically correct; and they are accurate to within (+/-) 6 inches or better.

Often IGS is called on to create augmented reality 3D models for visualizing 3D point cloud and/or digital photography scenes.  The images below depict an obstruction analysis of protected air space surrounding a commercial airport and an exhibit within an environmental licensing report for a yet-to-be constructed liquid petroleum gas export terminal.

IGS uses various types of LIDAR, FODAR,  and digital aerial photography data to produce both 2D (maps) and 3D (engineering) models using commercial software such as ESRI/ArcMap, AutoCAD, Civil3D, PLS-CADD, and proprietary (such as LIDAR filtering and classification) software.  IGS management, staff, and teaming partners have over 22 years experience producing maps and models from a variety of remotely sensed digital data for a broad set of of industries and applications. IGS specializes in the production of visual data for our clients that makes your decisions easier. 

The images below depict LIDAR 3D point cloud data that would be used for three-dimensional modeling of city, highway relocation, facilities or electric power transmission substation projects.