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Colorized LIDAR 3D models provide engineering quality imagery needed to get your project off the ground and moving forward.

FODAR as well as LIDAR data rendered as 3D point cloud models enhance communication of project details that are geometrically and geographically correct so you can share them with your team or stakeholders.  The left video clip displays a railroad bridge scene; while the right video clip displays a portion of a city model.  When the video clip finishes playing, click your browser "back" arrow to return to the beginning.

We have the tools and techniques you need.

 Immersive geomatics solutions from remote sensing technologies .

​​​​​​​We're now more than 360, we're immersive.  Immersive Geomatics Solutions is an industry leader in the delivery of viewer controlled 360° geo referenced video and other geomatics solutions.  This includes our UAV's, high resolution tools such as Fodar/Lidar, Ortho photography and EarthCam HD site cameras as well as the very cool Samsung VR goggle capabilities.

We've provided these technologies and services to a wide variety of clients involved in the planning, mapping, construction and stakeholder communications on projects ranging from small facility mapping to pipelines, road/rail and utility route corridors. From mining activities, river and shoreline documentation, emergency response to serving your training needs, we know how to take you to the site, route or event.  Major project decisions are rarely made in the field, let us take you there so that you can make the best decisions about your project. 



Ensure everyone’s working from a common understanding of your project corridor or site through the use of georefrenced imagery collected from a wide variety of tools including our 360° video systems.


We operate our image technologies in every configuration from planes, helicopters, balloons and marine vessels to tire and tracked ATV's, tripods, backpacks and occasionally gravity (on purpose). geomatics solutions immersive 360 video

​Since our 360° cameras record spherically and the viewer can look around with their mouse, nothing is missed. Our Fodar cameras essentially integrate LIDAR capabilities into a photo image rather than the standard LIDAR techniques.  

We've offered some general information on the following pages but always feel free to contact us for more detailed needs or demo content.

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